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Jet Charter Citation Mustang
Citation 510

The Cessna Citation Mustang, model 510, is a very light jet class business jet built by Cessna Aircraft Company. The Mustang has 4 passenger seats in the aft cabin, a toilet and seating for two in the cockpit. Max. Range: 2161 Km.

Jet Charter Phenom 300
Phenom 300

The Phenom 300, is a light jet developed by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The aircraft is big enough to carry up to 9 passengers in comfort and style. The cabin offers more head room and features the largest galley in its class. Max. Range: 3650 Km.

Jet Charter Falcon 900 LX
Falcon 900

The Dassault Falcon 900 is a French-built long range jet made by Dassault Aviation. This aircraft can carry up to 14 passengers. It, and its larger sibling the Falcon 7X, are the only trijets in production. Max. Range: 7400 Km.

Reach Any Destination By Helicopter

Helicopter capabilities allow access to city centres and secluded areas, with the possibility to land at heliports, helipads, hotels and even private properties, making it the most suitable aircraft for travel to crowded, remote or otherwise very difficult to reach destinations. Please visit to find out more information.

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Jet Charter
Nice to Zurich on 21-May

Empty leg from NICE (LFMN) to ZURICH (LSZH) available on 21-May-20. Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats). Empty aircraft based pricing, only 4980 € (EURO).

Jet Charter
Paris to Farnborough on 22-Mar

Empty leg from PARIS (LFPB) to FARNBOROUGH (EGLF) available on 22-Mar-20. Aircraft: Citation Jet 2 (6 seats). Empty aircraft based pricing, only 5480 € (EURO).

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