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Safety Experts

Passengers safety and wellbeing coupled with strict adherence to regulations are our top priorities. We have made safety, security, privacy the key elements of all our offerings. Richemond only works with audited and hi-quality approved operators who have a valid AOC and meet FAA Part 135 or JAR-OPS 1/EU OPS regulations, depending on the region.

About Safety

Jet Privati

Safety is our first priority. At a time when air travelers are more concerned then ever about their security while flying, we have made safety and security the key element of our offerings. Operators providing service for our clients must meet FAA Part 135 or JAR-OPS 1/EU Standards, depending on the region. These standards, related to safety, maintenance and operations, regulate the charter operators that service our clients.

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We select only the best. We don't manage or operate directly aircrafts. Therefore, time by time, we are able and pleased to assist our clients in finding the best and most safe operators, under FAA Part 135 or JAR-OPS 1/EU OPS, with a valid AOC certificate, at the best available price in the aircraft charter market.

Safety Programs

In order to operate private jet charter flights, aircraft operators need to, by law, complete a process by which they satisfy the relevant country's Aviation Authority that they are competent to secure the safe operations of aircraft. This process controls such areas as safety policy, management and organisational skills, crew training, aircraft maintenance and flight planning amongst many other issues. If this set of strict requirements is met, an AOC certificate will be issued. Richemond only works with audited and hi-quality approved operators who have a valid AOC. Furthermore, Richemond conducts a diligence process that includes periodic control of company insurances, aircraft airworthiness certificates, aircraft inspections and crew background checks.