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Where: LONDON (EGSS) Airport, ,
Category: Flight From €2280 to €2580 1 flight available Empty Legs Flights

Where: PARIS (LFPG) Airport, ,
Category: Flight From €2480 to €2780 1 flight available Empty Legs Flights

Where: IBIZA (LEIB) Airport, ,
Category: Flight From €2480 to €2780 1 flight available Empty Legs Flights 9.8out of 10
based on 1888 ratings.

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Shared Private Flights of May 2015.Save 75% with Jet Pooling.

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Joining a group you will enter in contact with travellers interested in sharing a private air charter. When a group for specific destination is made, an aircraft can be collectively chartered. Each passenger can save up to 75% vs. on demand private air charter. Choose between eight aircraft types:

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Article 03/2013 About Jetpooling by on Panorama Magazine

How Group Buying Will Change Air Charter Travel

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In the on demand private jet charter world, group buying will have a deep impact and may change soon the way private flights are booked. Once a charter flight is sold, any effort to sell available seats (jet sharing) or the positioning flights (empty legs) runs afoul of the prohibition on selling pre scheduled air transportation. This problem keeps private air charter very expensive and inefficient. Group Buying has opened a new way to travel with private jets. Our technology allows people with similar travel needs to find each other and helps groups of travellers booking an air charter all in compliance with applicable law (group-then-go model). Share your itinerary with our community, you could fly privately and save up to 75% vs. on demand air charter rates. We are not an air carrier and do not own or operate aircrafts on which our members fly. Operators providing service for our members must meet EU-OPS aviation authority regulations, or equivalent, depending on the area. Create a new flight, join an existing group or buy seats on confirmed flights and start flying privately now.

Flight Pooling Groups of May 2015

Departure Arrival Date Seats Euro* Join
GENEVA (LSGG) GENOA (LIMJ) 2015-05-29 2 1245
ZURICH (LSZH) BOLZANO (LIPB) 2015-05-29 2 1545
DUBLIN (EIDW) LIVERPOOL (EGGP) 2015-05-29 2 1540
VERONA (LIPX) SAMEDAN (LSZS) 2015-05-29 2 1495
MILAN (LIML) NAPLES (LIRN) 2015-05-30 3 1990
IBIZA (LEIB) ZURICH (LSZH) 2015-05-30 2 1995
LONDON (EGGW) CHAMBERY (LFLB) 2015-05-30 2 1690
LONDON (EGSS) EINDHOVEN (EHEH) 2015-05-30 2 1390
IBIZA (LEIB) OLBIA (LIEO) 2015-05-30 2 1740
IBIZA (LEIB) PALMA (LEPA) 2015-05-30 2 1545

*Tentative pricing simulates seats cost for each of two parties when sharing one of the listed flights.